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Crawfish Catering New orleans

Crawfish Catering New Orleans is a full service crawfish catering company who also sell other crawfish related products and services.  We are one of the oldest and most used crawfish catering companies in all of New Orleans.  In addition to selling crawfish related products, we also sell and market other seafood dishes, such as boiled shrimp, boiled crab, bbq oysters, roasted hogs, and last but not least, bbq crabs.

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Boiled Crawfish New Orleans
Onsite Crawfish Boil New Orleans Crawfish Caterers
Catering Crawfish New Orleans

Crawfish Caterers
Corporate and Private Onsite Crawfish Boils

A successful crawfish catering company in New Orleans must be able to do  more than just serve "good tasting boiled crawfish".  They also must have a wide variety of tasty Cajun items and  be able to keep up with the crowd when they start serving.  One of the most important factors to ensure your onsite crawfish catering event is successful, is a smooth consistant flow.  The one worse things that can happen at an event, is for the crowd to get impatient and have to wait on the  hot boiled crawfish.  The experienced staff at Crawfish Catering New Orleans has a personal guarantee that you the customer will be 100% satisfied at your event, or you do not pay.  It is just that simple. 

We have thousands of boils under our belts and most of us Coon-asses have been cooking or boiling crawfish since we could walk.  Click here to get your online, free crawfish catering quote for your next onsite crawfish boil.
Crawfish Caterers

Corporate and Private Onsite Crawfish Boils

Our company caters corporate and private onsite crawfish boils in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  We will travel to the surrounding cities and even further for a travel fee in order for our customers to get a hold our world famous boiled crawfish.  We have boiled crawfish all of the country but our favorite place on the planet to boil, is in the Big Easy!  We have been told that our boiled crawfish are the best tasting around. But what Cajun wouldn't tell you that. 

Not only do we think we have the best tasting crawfish around, our cheerful and fun staff will give your management the  reassurance you need to feel safe about hiring our guys to come out and boil up some of the best bugs around.
                                       Live Crawfish New Orleans

Crawfish Equipment

Crawfish Cookers, Burners, and Pots

Not only do we cook and boil crawfish, we have some of the best pricing around for crawfish equipment.  Let us know if you are in need of any crawfish equipment and we will show you how to click a few times and have your crawfish gear on the way just in time for your next crawfish boil.  We are a licensed distributor for Bayou Classic and all of their products.  Be sure to visit our company store and place your order today for your next crawfish boil! 

If you do not see a product listed, please email our office at and let us know what you are in need of, and we will make it happen. We have multiple resources for equipment if Bayou Classic does not carry it.  Need a custom cooker or trailer, visit our buddies over at The Crawfish Company and they will take really good care of you.  Just make sure you tell them Boudreaux sent ya! Their website is

Crawfish Catering New Orleans - Crawfish Caterers